Make Your Free Calendar 2013 Template in PowerPoint

Before entering the new year we need to prepare our agenda and showing events in a calendar is a common way to organize the upcoming year. Here we will show you how to make a simple calendar template for any given year, but the example will show you step by step how to make your calendar 2013 template using free tools and PowerPoint.

free calendar 2013

Generate a Calendar Using Free Calendar Generator

You can open Somacon Calendar Generator to create your calendar for 2013. You will be able to get a PDF version of the calendar. Then, instead of opening PDF in PowerPoint we can convert the PDF to images (JPG or PNG, for example) or take screenshots of the screen with tools like free Greenshot.

Make Your Free Calendar 2013 Template in PowerPoint

Now, we are ready to include the calendar in PowerPoint by pasting the content of the screenshot in the PowerPoint slide.

calendar powerpoint

When you are ready, you can generate the calendar for PowerPoint by pressing the button.

create calendar powerpoint generate

Now, you can see that the PDF is displayed in your browser.

template 2013 free download powerpoint

From here, you have different options and approaches to follow. For example, you can take screenshots using free screen capture tools like Greenshot, or why not convert PDF To PPT or use an intermediate approach to save PDF to images and then embed the pictures in PowerPoint slides.

For simplicity, we will take a screenshot.

how to create a calendar template in powerpoint

Now, open PowerPoint and create a blank presentation. You can paste now the content in the clipboard. You can see an example above showing the case for January 2013 in the calendar. Repeat the process with the other months from February to December 2013.

Using this approach you can create a calendar PPT template for 2013 or any year in the future or past.

Another similar approach to create a calendar is by using other online calendar generator tool for example the tool provided by, a popular web service that can also be used to get time and date from any city around the world. Learn more in Create Calendar DateAndTime.

create calendar ppt template

As you can see, the final result is below in the generated calendar PowerPoint template.

calendar PPT template for 2013

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