How to Make a Calendar in PowerPoint using Shapes and Tables

Last updated on May 5th, 2024

In this tutorial, we will be creating a calendar in PowerPoint. This task is an easy one with only a few steps unless you’re seeking to take the long way around using a table.

To create a calendar in PowerPoint first click on File and go down to New. Here you will see a variety of templates as well as Calendars.

How to Make a Calendar in PowerPoint 2010 using Shapes and Tables

Under Other Calendars there is an interesting calendar that can be used for project planning. Double click on it.

make calendar powerpoint

With this it lays out several kinds of calendars and schedules. If the days on a calendar are out order or out of date, you can click on a square and add the day or edit the entire calendar’s dates.

calendar in powerpoint presentations

By going to design you can change the color and style of the active slide. You can also change the color of the entire calendar by selecting Table Styles.

schedule powerpoint

By right clicking on a shape or object such as an arrow or focusing box and going to Format Shape and changing the color how you wish. If you need an extra shape, simply go to insert and choose one from Shapes. Right click the shape once done, go to Format Shape and edit it as you see fit.

If you select a shape and copy it, you can paste it anywhere instead of having to create a new shape and editing it to match your theme.

calendar template powerpoint

When you find a calendar the suits what you need and you’d like to use it more than once, you can right click on the slide and select Duplicate.

using calendar in powerpoint

That’s all there is to creating and editing a calendar in PowerPoint. You will just need to pick a template and edit it accordingly. The same principles of editing text applies for the most part, so just click in a text box with default data and edit it as you need. Once done you’ll have a calendar or schedule that you can display within PowerPoint.

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