Share Ideas & Collaborate Online Using Boards With CorkBoard

Pinterest has been pretty common for making and sharing boards related to specific interests. Corkboard is a web service which works in a similar manner, which allows you to add images and text notes on a virtual board for online collaboration.

Create Boards for Online Collaboration

Corkboard be used by signing for an account or you can login using your Facebook profile to begin making your boards.

Create a Corkboard

Invite Collaborators for your Corkboard

When making your Corkboard you can invite participants for online collaboration. This can not only be useful for sharing common interests with like-minded friends but also for collaborating on a project or assignment with friends, classmates or co-workers.

When making your board, you will require adding a title, with the option to add a description and board image.

Collaborate on your board

Add Posts and Sticky Notes to the Corkboard

When adding posts to your board you can add anything from a simple sticky note to a post with a complete title, description, image and geo graphical location.


Collaborate on Posts on the Board

You can collaborate with participants on the board using comments, to discuss various ideas, to get feedback and to receive instructions. How you use your Corkboards is entirely up to you and the dead simple format of this web service leaves ample scope for using your boards in different ways.

Post a comment on your board

Available for iPhone and iPad

Corkboard can be accessed using an internet browser, as well as via an iOS app which is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices. The iOS app can give you more flexibility to share ideas and manage your boards on the go.

iOS app for Corkboard

Corkboard Introductory Video

To find out all there is to know about Corkboard, see this introductory video to learn ‘how to Corkboard’.

Corkboard might not be a very fancy web service with complex features but that is exactly what makes it so usable. If you want a simple free service for sharing your ideas for brainstorming or to collaborate with people online, then Corkboard can be a good option for you.

Go to Corkboard

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