Letter Shaped Savon PowerPoint Template

If you are looking for a PowerPoint Presentation Template that is unique and yet still highly elegant, then you will find the template below perfect for you. This Letter Shaped Savon PowerPoint Template is uniquely designed to look like a luxurious soap box. It is unique in its design as well as in its orientation. This template is a Letter-shaped PowerPoint template that is customized to dimensions of 13.33 x 7 inches in landscape orientation. 

Elegant Savon Style PowerPoint Template

This template can be modified and printed out into letter envelopes to be used for wedding, birthday, fundraising event, and many other event invitations. Because of its elegant and classic design, it can blend well with almost any theme and design. The template can also, of course, be used for many presentation topics.

This Letter-Shaped Savon PowerPoint Template features a blue nature-inspired pattern of leaves that resemble ferns. This pattern serves as a border framing a white band in the middle, where you can write the title of your presentation, as well as any subtitle or description below it. Because of its name ‘Savon’ which translates to soap, you can see that the inspiration of this template came from old, classic soap boxes of a long-ago time.

Add New Slides and Present Your Topic in Savon Format and Style

Although this particular template contains a single slide template, which is the cover or title slide, you can still add new slides and choose from the wide array of slide layouts that are also based on the savon theme. An example is the section header layout slide, which retains the same patterned border, only with a deeper shade of blue. This particular slide can be used for presenting various types of content such as short text, lists, tables, graphs, diagrams and even photos.

Other slide layouts can also be used to present your content in highly visual formats. Some of the backgrounds contain a solid gray background that matches the accent color of the theme, as well as a thin solid white border. Such slides are still elegant and go well with the Savon PowerPoint Template’s cover slide.

Unique and Creative Letter Sized PowerPoint Template

This template is perfect for elegant event presentations, such as fundraising events, galas, and auctions. It can also be used for the soap or toiletries industry, for product briefs, marketing campaign, sales pitches, and the like.

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