Free PowerPoint Template With Movie Theater Sign Effect

For professionals working in the film and theater, television and generally the entertainment industry, presentations are many a times a requirement. Presentations are used in pre-production and storyboard meetings, as well as in brainstorming activities. Presentations are also necessary if a producer would want to get investors for the film by creating a business proposal or a brief of the film.

Give Your Own Film or Play That Hollywood Effect

Bring Hollywood to Your Presentations

The Free PowerPoint Template with Movie Theater Sign Effect is an ideal template that features a movie marquee that instantly conveys to your audience what your presentation is all about. This free PowerPoint template works best in PowerPoint 2010 and later versions yet earlier versions still enjoy backward compatibility.

This Free PowerPoint Template with Movie Theater Effect is professionally designed to be visually attractive and fitting for any entertainment themed presentation. The template features a marquee design with a 3D perspective rotation that anybody can use as a title slide or as a set of duplicated and modified transition slides.

Insert 3D Marquee Slide to any Movie-Themed Presentation

Stunning, Vintage 3D Marquee Effect

The 3D effect of this presentation slide template makes it look vintage and interesting, like the signs used in old movie houses. This marquee design is still widely used today to represent movie or Hollywood themes. The marquee in this slide template is set in a dark blue and black gradient background to emphasize the object and the text inside. Meanwhile the text is designed to be bold and fully capitalized to stay true to the traditional marquee design when letter cutouts were used to be stuck onto the lit board to display what the movie houses or theaters are showing.

Easily Reproduce the 3D Marquee Effect Using the Instructions

Easily Reproduce Your Own 3D Marquee

You can copy this slide to be inserted into your presentation. The text can be easily edited for your own words. Meanwhile, you can also do the 3D movie theater effect on your own by following the directions that come in the Notes section of the template. The instructions are clear and in order, making it easy for anyone with intermediate to advanced PowerPoint skills to recreate the 3D perspective and even create a differently shaped marquee of their own for that added touch of originality.

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