Switch PowerPoint Slides Using The Stylish Vortex Transition Effect

The Vortex Effect is among the most stylish transitions available in PowerPoint. Unlike the Honeycomb or Flash Transition Effect, the Vortex Effect is more generic in nature and can be suitably applied to a more diverse range of presentation topics.

What Slide Designs Suit The Vortex Transition Effect?

The most ideal slide designs that you can use with the Vortex Effect are abstract templates with a dark or gloomy background. You can use our Free Abstract PowerPoint Templates to compliment this transition effect in your presentations. The below image shows the Black Smoke Abstract PowerPoint Template with the Vortex transition; running in Slide Show mode. Presentations about science, storytelling, anomalies, biographical accounts and other intriguing topics can be an ideal match for the Vortex Effect, as it can help you add more visual appeal to your slides as a presenter. Furthermore, you can add an appropriate background score or sound effects to further enhance your presentation.

Vortex Transition Effect in PowerPoint

How To Apply The Vortex Transition Effect in PowerPoint

The Vortex Transition Effect can be applied via the Transitions tab in PowerPoint. You can also pick a direction for applying the effect via Effect Options (Left, Top, Right or Bottom). In case you don’t see this transition in PowerPoint, convert your file to PPTX format.

Vortex Transition Effect

You can see the Vortex Transition Effect in action from our video tutorial given below.

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