Free Sales Annual Report Template For Excel 2013

Any business enterprise involving retail, wholesale, or plainly the selling of goods–or even services–would greatly benefit in Sales Reports. A sales report is a record of sales sold by a salesperson or a whole company within a particular time frame. Typically, it incorporates key information in measuring the success of the sales effort.


One of the most useful Sales Report templates is found in the Microsoft Office portal. The Free Sales Annual Report Template for Excel 2013 is a professionally designed sales report template that vividly shows your sales data. It uses the People Graph application for Office to represent the volume or number of sales per category.

A Closer Look

Let’s take a closer look at this Excel 2013 template and explore its many interesting features. The Excel Template has two tabs: the Sales Report and the Datasheet. The Sales Report tab contains a graph and a chart to indicate in detail the Sales From Channels and the Sales By Month.


The Sales From Channel chart shows how many clothes were sold in retail stores, through online sales, and through vendor company sales. It uses the People Graph app to signify the sales data in image representations. This way, you can easily see at first glance how the sales are doing without having to see the actual numbers. This is pretty useful when presenting the Annual Sales Report in a PowerPoint presentation to an audience, in which case you can just embed the graph and chart into the slides.

Meanwhile, the Sales By Month shows the staggered sales for the whole year, in the three channels. Through the line graph, you can see the comparisons by month and in the various channels. This gives you and your audience the bigger picture of how the sales have gone through the whole year.


The Datasheet

The Datasheet tab features the typical sales-by-month data. The sales are specified according to the various channels where it was made. Through this, you can easily see which channel performs well in a particular month or if good performance standards have been met by the various channels throughout the year.

All the data and figures comes with a premade formula within the template so any modifications are automatically computed and reflected.

You can download the Free Sales Annual Report Template for Excel 2013 at

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