Best Superhero Clipart For PowerPoint

Superheroes seem to be ruling the big screen these days. Even TV shows are full of them. Maybe it’s time you had some superheroes in your presentation slides. Our list of Superhero Clipart for PowerPoint consists of some awesome animations and static clipart images for PowerPoint presentations.


Hero Super Stance Silhouette

This clipart has two variants, one each for a male and female silhouette. You can download this clipart by specifying a specific resolution or pick a standard resolution among the three resolution options offered by the developer. You can also change the color of the cape from the customization options on the product page.

Go to Presenter Media – Male Hero Super Stance Silhouette Clipart

Go to Presenter Media – Female Hero Super Stance Silhouette Clipart


Businessman Superhero Pose Clipart

This businessman superhero clipart depicts a businessman wearing a superhero cape. You can use this clipart for business related presentations, especially when you might want to add some humour to your slides.

Go to Presenter Media – Businessman Superhero Pose Clipart


Three Heroes Animated Clipart

This animated clipart shows three superheroes standing in a stylish pose, looking at the sky. You can change the default red colors of the cape and masks of the stick figure characters using the ‘Adjust Color’ option from the download page. This animated clipart is available in GIF image format and you can also download it as an MOV video file.

Go to Presenter Media – Three Heroes Animated Clipart


Superhero Flying in Air Animated Clipart

If you want a superhero who can fly, then here is a clipart of a superhero flying in the air. This witty stick figure animation can be downloaded as a GIF or MOV file for presentations, with some customization options given on the product page to help you tweak the animation according to need.

Go to Presenter Media – Superhero Flying in Air Animated Clipart


Super Hero Lifting Custom Text Animated Clipart

You can add custom text from the download page before downloading this PowerPoint animation. Your text will appear on top of the stick figure character, as if he was to be carrying it. This animation too comes in GIF and MOV format.

Go to Presenter Media – Super Hero Lifting Custom Text Animated Clipart


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