All You Need To Know About Microsoft Surface Tablets

The world’s most valuable company and the largest software maker has come out with its new invention, Microsoft Surface which is marketed and designed by Microsoft. It is a new development platform that has revolutionized how people interact with their PC’s. The product was announced on June 18, 2012 that enables users to manage programmed content by the use of physical objects and hand gestures.

Surface for Business

One of the greatest features of Microsoft Surface include the horizontal orientation that enables users to create, explore and share experiences together. The second feature states multi-touch display which is capable of recognizing several touches including objects, gestures, hands and fingers set on the surface. There are two versions of Microsoft Surface Windows 8 Pro and Windows RT. Let us discuss them in detail:

Surface RT

It comes fully loaded with Student 2013 RT2 and Office Home which consists of versions of OneNote, Excel, PowerPoint and Microsoft Word. Even with Surface RT3, you can take care of your business as well. Its screen has a size of 1366×768, 16:9 and 10.6* and the storage capacity is of 32 GB and 64GB2. The ports comprises of headset jack, cover port, stereo speakers and HD video out port.

Surface RT

Surface Pro

Starting at the price of $899, it is actually a laptop in tablet form. No doubt, you will explore the best of Microsoft in one fabulous new gimmick. The applications that you are running on Windows 7 can be easily managed by your IT group effectively. It gives you a hardware warranty of 1 year and delivers powerful responsiveness with the Bluetooth 4.0 low energy technology and Wi-Fi. Surface PRO comes fully equipped with compass sensors, accelerometer and ambient light sensor. With a clear type full HD display and 16:9 widescreen, you will get the amazing entertainment experience.

Surface Pro

Added-Value Features

If you have a desire to accessorize your Windows Surface, here are some lavish covers that you may buy. They are: Type cover which is like your everyday keyboard and certainly you will feel that each key is a different piece. Touch cover is a pressure sensitive keyboard and available at the price of $119.99. It comes in various colors such as: black, red, pink, grey and blue.

For the sleeves of Surface, there are a lot of options available for you such as: Ben Mink off, Incipio and Rebecca Mink off Canvas Stripe at diverse price rates. For your mouse, you can use the wedge touch mouse that can be used on any glass and surface. The stylus pen helps to mark up documents, PDF and PowerPoint Presentations. These are the coolest accessories for your Microsoft Surface that you must have not seen.

Henceforth, it makes sense buying a powerful PC which is easily available in a tablet form. It’s a thoughtful and beautifully designed electronic device and so there is no reason why you should not buy this superior quality product.

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