Stencil: Quickly Create Images for PowerPoint Slides & Social Media

A few years back a simple PowerPoint presentation with a bit of text and a few images would have been acceptable at the average workplace. However, this has changed over the years. Bosses expect good PowerPoint presentation designs created with fineness. Sometimes, you might even need to use stock images or create a quick image in PhotoShop yourself to make your opening slide or company introduction look professional. While everyone isn’t great at PhotoShop, you can always use websites like Stencil to quickly create images for PowerPoint slides and social media.

Getting Started with Stencil

To get started with Stencil simply create a free account and log in to start making images. Once you log in you will see an introduction to the various options.

Stencil web app

Use Stock Photos and Your Own

The menu is easy enough to use and you can search and add stock images, upload images, add text, use readymade templates and insert quotations using various designs.

Start using Stenclil web app for making images

Use Templates to Create Images that Look Good

Like any web app of its kind, Stencil enables you to format your added text, adjust images and make use of readymade template designs to give your images a professional look. You can create and download images suitable for your slides, social media campaigns or other projects without worrying about copyright issues for stock images or the need for creating elaborate designs.

Add text to an image using Stencil web app

Download Images from Stencil

You can download images from Stencil in PNG or JPG format in HD without any type of watermark. Unlike other free services of its type, Stencil allows users to create a usable image without annoying download restrictions. This makes it a very useful go-to web app for making images when you’re pressed for time.

Download images created at Stencil web app

Below is an example of an image we created using the Stencil web app. Images like these can be used in your slides, on social media or for your project documents, videos, etc.

Image created and saved with Stencil web app

Stencil has a free version which allows downloading up to 10 images per month, if you like the service, you can always opt for a paid package.

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