Of All Colors Diversity PowerPoint Template

If you want to depict diversity in your presentations, especially people of color, Of All Colors Diversity PowerPoint Template is just what you need. Based on a theme of diversity and education, this template can be ideal for school and education-related presentations for both students and teachers.

Of all colors Diversity PowerPoint Template

Represent Different Ethnic Groups in Slides

The basic theme of the template is diversity and representation of people of all colors. The template has an editable layout where you can also tweak colors of slide objects and people to represent different ethnic groups. The template gives a message of peace, love and harmony.

Different ethnicities represented in this PowerPoint template

COVID-19 and Education Related Slides

There is a COVID-19 and classroom related touch to the various sample slides, where we see students wearing masks. This can help you not only make use of the diversity theme in the template but also the need for protection in times of the Novel Coronavirus. You can represent diversity among students and discuss topics like the resumption of schools amidst COVID-19.

We are all unique

Copy Character Illustrations

There are also sample pictures mixed with clipart that can be copied. You can copy the different ethnic characters from slides and recreate, edit and reorganize slides. You can mix that with your custom photos, charts, diagrams and other important information to create meaningful slides for your audience.

People of Color illustration

There are different slogans in various sample slides such as ‘we are diverse’ and ‘everyone is welcome’. You can get a few ideas from these sample layouts to generate something unique which represents your perspective, presentation topic and diversity in your slides.

Diversity slide design

There are seven sample slides in this Diversity PowerPoint template, with a few additional instructional slides that explain how to customize the slides in this animated template to manage the colors and animations of the slide layouts.

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