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Last updated on July 27th, 2023

Startups spur innovation and change. Time and again, many startups, especially in the technology sector, have proven to be game-changing. Microsoft is leveraging the vast potential of startups as it rolls out Microsoft for Startups.

Microsoft for Startups is a $500 million initiative to help startups across the globe. This initiative aims to give startups the much-needed boost to create, develop, materialize, and market enterprise-level software. The program helps not just bring funding, but also technology and marketing expertise, to support startups. Furthermore, Microsoft also brings to the table a co-selling program so up-and-coming companies can piggyback on Microsoft’s strongly established existing sales force and partner networks.


For Startups of All Sizes

Not every startup has what it takes to kick-start their business to the growth and success they envision. Sometimes, many startups wither and fade into the night even before they take their product or service to the market. After all, penetrating a market or introducing a new product is no easy feat. And this is why Microsoft for Startups steps in to help. It doesn’t matter if you’re a team of two or a company of hundreds. Microsoft’s initiative aims to help all kinds of startups regardless of the stage of their growth. From product development to launch and beyond, Microsoft for Startups is there to help.

Benefits of Microsoft for Startups

The program provides all kinds of business and technology resources that startups can take advantage of. For one, Microsoft for Startups makes available a wide range of business resources to help startups build their business model as well as formulate and refine their business strategy. The program offers tutorials, profitability models, business design sessions, and priceless market guidance.

Aside from business resources, the initiative also has technical resources that startups in any field or sector can find highly valuable. These resources include code samples, Azure roadmap, updates, knowledge base, case studies, whitepapers, and many more.

All these things can definitely take out the guesswork from every aspect of business growth so that startups can feel confident about moving their business forward.


Access to Microsoft’s Sales Force and Resources

With Microsoft for Startups, companies can take advantage of Microsoft’s more than 40,000 salespeople, as well as access to the team’s set of existing relationships with established businesses. This could mean significant sales to jumpstart these companies, something not a lot of startups have.

The program also opens up Azure, Microsoft’s most trusted cloud platform, to startups. Azure provides them with a comprehensive set of offerings unparalleled by any other cloud service provider. This also enables them to scale globally to 42 announced Azure regions, so startups can grow and expand with confidence. They can be in control of their own data, while have peace of mind that their data is secured. After all, Azure is the most trusted cloud by 90% of Fortune 500 companies.

Microsoft for Startups Overview

Get Best-in-Class Tools

Startups also get to take advantage of using the developer tools and language of their choice. This includes Node.js, Java, .NET, and use open source technologies like Kubernetes to develop their platform, products, or services. This allows them unlimited resources to work with.

Under Microsoft for Startups, businesses also have free access to industry-leading Visual Studio tools that seamlessly work with over 100 Azure cloud services. This is definitely something to consider when you are an entrepreneur looking to start a company.

Not only that, Microsoft’s program also sets the stage for a rich community of startups, developers, engineers, incubators, and accelerators. This allows businesses and individuals to connect and learn from each other, build networks, and get involved in the community, especially at key Microsoft Reactor venues all over the globe.

Other benefits of being part of this inclusive program are Office 365 Business Premium subscription as well as integration with Dynamics 365 for better customer engagement and talent. To get started with Microsoft for Startups, head over to

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