Spring Party Invitations Template For Word

When you are preparing for a party, you have to consider so many things: budget, venue, food, theme, guests, and of course, invitations. While you can of course find a ready-made invitation for your party, nothing beats doing it yourself. You can customize it and what’s more is that you save more.

Spring party invitation template for Microsoft Word

The Spring Party Invitations Template for Word is a beautiful free Word template that you can use for making any party invitation. This template has a colorful spring theme, which is great for spring parties as well as Easter and garden themed ones.


Colorful Spring Fling Party

This Word template features a standard letter-sized paper in portrait orientation. There are partitions on the paper, which allow you to include two ready-made invitations in one page. The template has a total of two pages, one set for the outside pages, and another set for the inside pages.

In the first page, there is a blank page for the back of the invitation. Then, there’s the cover page of the invitation, which shows an illustration of a sloping hillside where there are trees, flowers, bushes, and clouds. There is also an image of a white bunny, which can show spring or, more appropriately, portray Easter.


In the second page, you can see that there are text placeholders that help you as they provide a guide on what to write on your invitation. Here you can type in your event title, event date, event time, venue, address, and RSVP details. There is also an image of a bunch of flowers to continue your spring theme.

Versatile Invitation for Any Event

You can customize this template in a variety of ways. You can format the pictures, add picture effects, change your color scheme, change your font styles, add page backgrounds and gradients, etc. You can even add a picture of the celebrant, for birthday parties, for example, or images of the event venue.


This template can be uploaded to OneDrive for easy retrieval and storage. With this, you can even just modify your spring party invitation and share it with your friends online or send your invitation via email or social media.

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