Social Mobile Analytics Cloud (SMAC) PowerPoint Template

SMAC is a modern concept based in 4 technologies that are currently driving the business innovation and transforming the way businesses do business. It stands for Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud.

If you need to prepare a presentation around these concepts you can download the SMAC PowerPoint template prepared in a way that can help to describe and present the Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud technologies to an audience and the way your business can combine these technologies to drive the business innovation.


This presentation template contains useful slides that can help to present a SMAC concept or combine the SMAC technologies together while making a PowerPoint presentation on 1:1 Marketing or one-off Marketing. The figure above shows an example of the slides that you can find in this PowerPoint template with placeholders to edit your own text.

SMAC concepts create an ecosystem that allows a business to improve their operations by getting closer to the customer with a maximum reach and minimal overhead. It relies on the structured and unstructured data that is being created by sensors, social media, loyalty card programs, smartphones & other mobile devices as well as website browsing behavior. Supported by all these concepts is possible to create new business models built upon customer-generated data and the four technologies working together creates a competitive advantage.

SMAC Diagram

While social media and the social media management activities can help businesses to reach and interact with customers, mobile technologies have changed the way that people communicate and interact between each other. It also changed the way that people consume products, shop and work.

On the other side, Analytics allow businesses to understand the customer behavior and patterns following during the customer journey (you can download a customer journey PowerPoint template if you need to be more specific on this topic) and services supported in cloud computing provides a new way to access the technology from anywhere and anytime making possible for business and customers to access the data their need in changing markets or to solve real business problems.

It is possible that each of the four technologies can impact a business individually but their convergence provides a disruptive force and competitive advantage for any business that take into account these concepts while creating a business project plan or strategy plan.


This is another example of puzzle slide inside the SMAC PowerPoint template where each puzzle piece represents one of the technologies and showing the business advantage in the center of the diagram.

This SMAC PowerPoint template has seven useful slides that can help you to present the SMAC concepts to an audience. As an example of SMAC in a real business, Netflix if often cited. In this case, Netflix members can stream a TV show from the Netflix cloud to their mobile devices and they are given an option to sign into Netflix using their social account Facebook. Then, after watching a TV show they can provide a social feedback, rate the content with stars or write reviews about what they just watched. The customer data is stored in the cloud and then Netflix can analyze this data or drill-down to a level that its powerful recommendation engine can customize future recommendations and offer more personalized options and suggestions for individual family members sharing the same account but also for friends. This concept is usually known as 1:1 Marketing or one-off Marketing. The one-off marketing should be the ultimate goal of every SMAC activity or initiative.


Here is another slide that you can find in the SMAC PowerPoint template with a circular representation of the technologies, the SMAC word in the center of the diagram and PowerPoint icons to represent each technology.


If you need to present each technology individually you can use the individual slides in the SMAC template. The figure above shows a Social slide design for Microsoft PowerPoint that you can use to present the Social initiatives.

Finally, SMAC with effective intelligence or the BI tools can help smart companies to transform their bottom lines and drive a positive impact in sales or impact positively in the business growth.

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