Product Adoption Process Curve in PowerPoint

Product Adoption Process is a five stage process which is used for identifying trends of customers regarding their adoption or rejection of a particular product. If you wish to demonstrate the five stages of this model in the form of a presentation slide, you can use the tutorial given below to understand how to construct a product adoption process model.

Product lifecycle diagram in PowerPoint

Making a Product Adoption Process Diagram in PowerPoint (Video Tutorial)

This video tutorial demonstrates a simple method for making a Product Adoption Process diagram to help you depict all five stages including; product awareness, interest, evaluation, trial and adoption. This tutorial shows how you can divide a normal curve in PowerPoint to create your diagram by following a few simple steps.

As a side note, it is interesting to see how Big Bang Product Adoption works. This article (Wired) explains how the faster a new technology takes off, the harder it falls, defying the curve of the traditional product adoption curve.

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PEST Analysis in PowerPoint

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