Sample Request Form For Approval To Hire For Word

When you’re part of the human resources department, you perform so many important things that, in the long run, they are highly important for the growth of the company. For one, you hire people for the workforce. And you don’t just hire the applicants that come in. You choose the best fit for the job, the most qualified person for the post. If you are an HR manager, this job is very critical as you hold in your hands approving the people that you should hire into the company.


To help speed up this complicated and important process, systems must be put in place to make choosing and decision making easy while still maintaining objectivity. To help you in hiring people especially when you are a manager, you can use thisĀ Sample Request Form for Approval to Hire for Word. This free template is very easy to use and can greatly help you do your job really well.

Streamline Hiring Approval Process

ThisĀ Sample Request Form for Approval to Hire for Word is also especially helpful if you are a hiring manager or personnel. This allows you to delegate the task of interviewing applicants and then sorting through them. Afterwards, your staff can then make a recommendation and submit to you this request form.

What’s great about this template is that you can use it as is. You can print as many copies as you need and hand it out to your staff for their recommendations. You can also upload a copy of the template on your OneDrive account and share them with your staff. From here, they can just submit their own approval request forms online, via email or better yet, OneDrive.


Easily Customize and Print Out the Form

The template features a form format that makes it easy for you to update the request form for approval to hire either by hand or through your computer.

There is a placeholder for your company name, as well as adequate space for you to insert your company logo. Moreover, in the form itself, you can fill in the Requisition Number, Applicant Name, Date, Job Title, Proposed Starting Salary, Supervisor, Start Date, etc.


There are also adequate portions for listing down the Description of Duties and creating additional comments. All these features allow recruiters to streamline their work and provide you with an easy way to screen and accept applicants.

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