Letter Requesting Graduate School Recommendation Sample For Word

If you are planning to pursue graduate studies, then perhaps you now know the importance of getting recommendation letters as you prepare for your graduate school application. This helps ensure that you get into the school that best suits your planned field of studies. A graduate school recommendation letter conveys your experience, skills, work ethics, and personality, things that schools just cannot see in your grades and test scores.


To help you get started with your graduate school studies, you can use this Letter Requesting Graduate School Recommendation Sample for Word. This is a free template that requests for a recommendation as you apply for graduate studies. Since schools typically require two or more recommendation letters from faculty members, professors, and employers, you would find this template very convenient.

Have a Good Start at Graduate Studies

This template is free to download and use, so you will have no trouble creating multiple recommendation letters for your school applications. Furthermore, it is compatible with most current Word programs, with background compatibility with earlier Word versions.

This template follows a standard letter format, with an inside address and salutation, so your graduate school recommendation letters would always look professional. It also has sample body text that can help guide you as you complete your own request for recommendation letter. The sample is enough and you can simply fill in the required information in the given placeholders to personalize your letters.


The information you need is typically the one that is important in any request for recommendation letter for graduate schools, namely your purpose for the request, relevant previous undergraduate studies or work experience, the graduate studies that you want to pursue, and when you plan to pursue it.


What’s more is you can easily upload it to your OneDrive account so you have it on the cloud, ready whenever you need to create a quick request for recommendation letter even while you’re on the go. Just open any browser to go the the OneDrive portal using any computer or mobile device, then log in to OneDrive. From here, you can easily edit the Word template and send the request letter via email or print it.

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