Standard Letterhead Template For Word

Letterheads are important for companies because it advances and promotes their identity and brand. Even in the digital world today where many companies correspond via email, there are still those who invest in a letterhead and have a professional printer produce their business letterheads for them.

Personal Letterhead Template For Word

Even in our digital age, communicating still needs to have a personal touch, whether in business or in day-to-day correspondences. For this, a personal letterhead is not only applicable but also very necessary. If you are in the market for a professional letterhead, you can use this Personal Letterhead Template for Word.

Creating a Letterhead in Publisher

This tutorial might seem like jumping into the deep end, but with Publisher’s base being a reliance on templates, this will actually be a simple one. In this tutorial we’ll be creating a letterhead in Microsoft Publisher. Scroll down to the More Office Templates section and click on Letterhead. This will take you to a …