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Last updated on January 10th, 2023

Roadmapping is a planning process used to visualize and plan for the future. It’s often used to develop strategies, set goals, and identify potential pathways to success. Roadmaps outline critical steps needed to reach objectives in an organized manner with specific timelines. They can help organizations stay on track and anticipate challenges before they arise.

A roadmap for achieving a particular goal can be laid out in the form of a presentation roadmap slide to provide an overview of how you intend to go about with a project. The best way to create a roadmap in PowerPoint is with the help of timelines and the best timelines can arguably be created using appropriate templates.

PowerPoint Timeline Toolkit For Making Roadmaps

If you wish to create a roadmap or schedule in PowerPoint, this Timeline Toolkit Template for PowerPoint can help you create attractive slides with animations and clipart. This template comes with a variety of sample slides and clipart images that can be edited for animated presentations. Alternatively, you can check some of the best roadmap templates for PowerPoint & Google Slides presentations, including roadmap journey slides, product roadmap templates and roadmap schedules.

PowerPoint Timeline Toolkit For Making Roadmaps

Just edit the given placeholders to add your own text and you will be on your way to making an attractive roadmap presentation with animated slides. Once you have added your text and images, just play the presentation in Slide Show mode to preview your animated slides.

Available for: PowerPoint (PC and Mac)

Go to Presenter Media  – PowerPoint Timeline Toolkit

Roadmap Toolkit
Example of Animated Timeline Roadmap

Calendar Interactive Template for Making Animated Slides with Schedules

The Calendar Interactive PowerPoint Template is an interactive calendar template which provides animated slides for each month of the year to help you display your roadmaps and schedules in the form of PowerPoint presentations. Alternatively, you can download other roadmap templates for PowerPoint and slide designs to make planning presentations or management.

Calendar Interactive 2014 PowerPoint Template
Example of Calendar Slide

You can add important events and milestones in the given dates within monthly slides and click on a specific date to open a detailed slide regarding the event. For example, when you click on a date like May, 26th, a new slide opens containing details regarding the event on the date.

You can also link various slides to create your own custom interactive calendar. This template is available in both Standard and Widescreen format.

Available for: PowerPoint (PC and Mac)

Go to Presenter Media – Calendar Interactive 2014 PowerPoint Template (Standard)

Go to Presenter Media – Calendar Interactive 2014 PowerPoint Template (Widescreen)

Calendar 2014 Template For PowerPoint

If you are looking to make a roadmpa presentation, the slides presented above can be a good starting point.

Presenter Media - Roadmap PowerPoint Template

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