What to Include in a PowerPoint Presentation?

Over doing the PowerPoint Presentation is perhaps a favorite amongst a lot of speakers and that makes the first biggest mistake that the presenter can make! There are people who have way too many slides and some who have long never ending sentences that make the audience battle between whether to read or to listen to what the speaker is saying, more often than not it is the former.

To make a presentation template that is not only appropriate but also attractive, one needs to pay attention to the smaller details that are mostly looked over by the person making the slides or templates.

What to include in a PowerPoint presentation

The smallest and perhaps the most neglected thing is the length of the words and sentences used in the slides. An effective PowerPoint presentation will have a carefully chosen word or phrase that will talk about the entire speech with just that one word. Now that’s what I call effect!

Here are some tips to help you understand what to include in a PowerPoint presentation to ensure that it is well-crafted for a professional audience.

If you need to have a few things to explain the presentation better, including phrases in bullet points is the maximum you should do. Nothing is worse than a crammed slide full of sentences that never end.

Another thing to keep in mind is the font that you use. When you are reading off of a screen, the words need to be clear, and the spacing between two words and sentences needs to be considerable enough not to confuse the reader. Use different fonts, but at the same time, don’t end up using fonts that are not legible and readable. Ideally, use two different fonts per PowerPoint deck.

Speaking about fonts, the size of the font that you are using also needs to be kept under consideration, while a size too small will cause readability issues, making it larger than life might make it look like a kindergarten book.

Make your slides colorful, but don’t use startling contrasts like yellow on red. Instead try and use soft hues and warm tones to give your presentation a happy but professional look. Including visuals is a great way of relieving the eyes of your audience from constant amounts of text.

Make sure you don’t forget to pay attention to these small details next time you have to give a speech or make a presentation. Attention to detail is the key to success.

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