Killer iOS 8 Features You Did Not Know About

iOS 8 one of the most talked about operating system updates from the house of Apple Inc. An operating system that portrays promise and elegance in a way that has never been done before by any of its counterparts, be it the predecessors of the same or its competitors. The launch of the iOS 8 marks the beginning of a new era, an era of superbly crafted operating systems loaded with features to swoon over. iOS 8 Here is a list of 8 of the most killer features that this incredible operating system houses.

Manual Exposure in the camera

The OS allows you to pamper the enthusiast inside of you as soon as you switch on the camera. The latest update allows you to adjust the exposure manually while taking a shot. The camera on the iPhone is pretty amazing but nothing is perfect or so the world says. This particular feature brings it closer to perfect though.

App specific battery usage

Now you can view which app is hogging all your battery and select the applications that you want to stop in order to enhance the battery life. You can find these settings by tapping general then usage and then battery usage. It allows you to even track the battery usage for the apps over a certain period like 24 hours or even the past week.

New and improved spotlight

Most users choose to ignore the ‘Spotlight’ feature due to many reasons but the latest update comes with a new and improved interface as well as better results to help gain back the lost user base. Apple surely has worked a lot on this one.

The ‘Hey Siri’

Yes, yes, it is a counterpart of ‘Ok Google’ but that doesn’t make it less awesome. Siri has always been an amazing now that you can launch it just by calling out ‘Hey Siri’ it is a game changer. The settings are available in Siri settings.


Finally Safari has been upgraded and made smoother and better. It has always been an amazing browser but now it allows users to request the desktop version of any website. Although the feature has been around in Android, chrome and even iOS but for the mobile browser, it is an amazing addition.

Update your medical ID

Your phone can help save your life, yes it is true. The latest update allows you to create a medical ID that include medicines that you are allergic to, your blood group, any specific ailments and everything else that should be on a medical ID.

Search better

The update has made searching a better experience and allows users to search using the ‘Quick Website Search. This basically allows you to search a particular thing on a particular website just by typing the name of the popular website before the search query.

Get amazing RSS action

Apple tried to get over its social accounts fixation and give RSS some room to grow. With the latest update Apple has given a ray of hope to RSS fanatics and made it easier for them to add the feed to the updates they get. All you need to do is go to the browser and under the bookmarks column tap the @ symbol and TA-DA you have your feed.

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