There are a number of desktop, mobile and web applications which enable translating text to various languages. See the reviews and tips given below to learn how to translate documents.

Other than translation apps, these posts also cover topics such as language packs and the use of multiple-languages in presentations.


Read Emails in Different Languages with Translator for Outlook

Install Translator Add-in for Outlook

Many advances in technology make it easy for us to talk to one another all over the world. Whether socially or in business, social media and the internet have definitely brought the world together. However, not everything is so smooth. While technology has brought people together geographically, the language barriers still make things a little more …

Display Translated Subtitles in PowerPoint With Presentation Translator

Slides with Translations

As a presenter, it can be a challenge to present to all types of audiences. This is because language is one great, big barrier in times like this. No matter how big or great or useful your idea is, if your audience doesn’t understand it clearly, it can get lost in the presentation or even …

Convert Speech To Text On Your Phone With Mirsk Dictation Solutions

Imagine a busy day: brainstorming, studying, preparing for a PowerPoint Presentation, creating a report and the deadline is near. Your hands are full, literally and figuratively. How convenient would it be to have a tool that just does all the typing for you as you speak so you can do more things and multi-task?

How To Translate A PDF File To Another Language

Ever came across a product manual for a device that only seemed to be available in Chinese? In such a case one can feel stranded and at a loss of ideas to get things done. Similarly, if you are dealing with clients on an international scale you might find it a little awkward to ask …

Preparing a Multi Language PowerPoint Presentation

If you are a global presenter requiring to present PowerPoint in different languages, then you may be interested to find a way to prepare multilanguage PowerPoint presentations. 1. Save each presentation using a language code suffix Maybe the simplest method to prepare a multilanguage presentation is to save a different presentation file depending on the …

Easily Translate Documents to Any Language using Google Docs

Google is well known to be the company that organizes the information universally as stated in Google’s Mission statement “Google’s mission is to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.” In addition to its mission statement, Google’s founders crafted a document in the early years of the company’s existence which outlines the …