QuickOffice is Now Free With 10GB Extra Google Drive Space (Android And iOS)

It has been more than a year since Google acquired the mobile based QuickOffice suite. In a recent move Google has made this mobile app free for both Android and iOS with an extra perk, i.e. 10GB of additional cloud storage space.


View And Edit Microsoft Office Documents On Android And iOS For Free

For those of you who are unaware of QuickOffice, it is a mobile app that offers support for Microsoft Office documents with file editing and sharing functionality for PowerPoint, Excel and MS Word. With this app you can open and edit Microsoft Office files without converting them using Google Drive. Previously, this app was worth $15 for iOS and $20 for Android devices; which now costs nothing more than a tap on your Android or iOS device to get installed.

OfficeMobile is now free

How To Get 10GB Extra Google Drive Space With QuickOffice?

To get the 10GB extra free Google Drive space for two years, simply link Quickoffice to your account before September 26th.

QuickOffie For Android

This move by Google should come as no surprise as Microsoft seems to be flexing its muscles to enter the mobile market with both its Windows 8 operating system and the Microsoft Office suite. With the release of the Office 365 mobile apps for Android and iOS, Google does have a reason to feel threatened, especially regarding its recent dominance with the Android OS and the Google Drive cloud service. However; The Google based QuickOffice still has a long way to go as it does not offer comprehensive compatibility between QuickOffice and Google Drive document, as files saved to Google Drive with QuickOffice can be only viewed and not edited. This makes the app more useful for offline use. To circumvent this issue, you can see our tips regarding How To Install Office 2013 on Mobile Devices’.

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