Golden Rules To Conduct Effective Meetings With Mind Maps And PowerPoint

Meetings are essential for effective communication and management. Meetings create new initiatives and fresh ideas. If properly run, meetings can solve complex problems, increase productivity, motivation and save a lot of time. On the other hand, badly conducted meetings waste resources and money. Making an effective use of PowerPoint with meetings can give you the desired results.

Mind mapping tools are the best way to plan, visualize, brainstorm and team up ideas either on your own or with other individuals. There are several web based MindMap drawing services including;, MindMeister, and many more available online. There are also desktop and mobile applications like; Mindomo, MindMapper, SchematicMind and iThoughtsHD.

Conduct Effective Meetings With Mindmaps And PowerPoint

In order to achieve organizational outcomes, a meeting provides a special opportunity. So, let’s have a look at the golden rules to hold effective meetings with Mind Map Tools and PowerPoint Presentations:

Use PowerPoint Adequately

PowerPoint can be a wonderful way to ensure everyone is looking at the same thing since the starting of a meeting. It is a sign that your meeting is going in a right way. However, if you are spending a lot of time with someone in front of a room flipping through PowerPoint slides then it clearly shows that your meetings are not efficient at all.

Make People Show Up On Specified Time

To start the meeting on time, it is best to email everyone to remind them the starting meeting time. If someone comes in late, ask that person to catch up with someone else what he/she has missed. There is another way as well, you can ask people to come on time, depending on your role.

Invite The Best People

If you don’t have the right people there, you can’t have an ideal meeting. If you are discussing about something that needs to be approved by a limited number of people, then it would be suggested to hold the meeting with a small group of individuals only who are required to be a part of the process.

Record Your Decisions

Decisions are often made at meetings but within a few days, no one remembers what was decided. Thus, taking good notes makes it easy for you to pass on the meeting’s content to people who want to know about the discussion. For taking notes, you can take full advantage of Mind Mapping tools.

Use these above mentioned golden rules and they will help you to conduct great meetings with highly productive results.

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