Printing Options in PowerPoint

PowerPoint has some advanced printing options that can help us to prepare the PPT presentation for print. Printing PowerPoint presentations is not something too unusual since it is well known that presenters usually deliver a printed version of the presentation for example in a conference, remote meeting or even teachers in the classroom.

So, learning how to print in PowerPoint can be really useful, but also helpful if we are still reviewing the PowerPoint presentation and need a draft copy to be printed.

Printing Options in PowerPoint

First of all, to access the print panel in PowerPoint 2010 and 2013 we need to go to File and then click on Print. Here you can see a lot of different options for example to choose the Printer to be used, the number of copies and the Settings.

Settings lets change the way the presentation is printed in the paper. For example, here we can choose to print all the slides or just a set of slides. We can define slide ranges to be printed:

  • If you want to print a range of slides you can put it in this way: 1-10
  • If you want to print single slides you can separate the slide number by comma, ie: 1,2,5,10
  • Or you can combine different formats, for example: 1,2,5-10 which will print 1,2 and then the slides between 5 and 10.

Then we can choose to print one side only or print on both sides. You can also choose the Collated or Uncollated version.

Lastly you can change the colors. You can choose to print in Color or if you want to save ink or your printer is white and black here you can choose to print in grayscale tones or even in black and white.