Advanced Options

Do you want to learn how to increase the number of times you can ‘Undo’ a presentation? For that you will have to dig deep into the advanced options of PowerPoint.

Many applications often have hidden advanced options which can help better configure the app to meet custom needs. This section lists posts related to advanced options within applications, especially Microsoft PowerPoint.

Printing Options in PowerPoint

PowerPoint has some advanced printing options that can help us to prepare the PPT presentation for print. Printing PowerPoint presentations is not something too unusual since it is well known that presenters usually deliver a printed version of the presentation for example in a conference, remote meeting or even teachers in the classroom. So, learning …

Customize the Ribbon in PowerPoint

PowerPoint 2010 let you take complete control about the options and features to be displayed in menu bars and ribbon. By customizing the ribbon you can relocate buttons and features that you use more than others or even show some important features that are not available as default. One of these features are the group …