Scrapbook in PowerPoint for Mac

Microsoft Office PowerPoint for Mac comes with a feature not available for Windows users that you can use  in a way pretty similar to Windows clipboard but with the main difference that you can save and organize the clips for later use. It is Scrapbook feature in Office 2011 for Mac.

This scrapbook feature has nothing to do with a digital scrapbook template, presentation or photo collage, instead it is a feature that will help Mac users to organize the clipboard and save elements (text, media, etc.) that you want to use later.

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For example, you can save fragments of texts that you use too often or even better, save the signatures and organize them as business signatures or something like that. If you need to use the signature later in the document (PowerPoint, Word, etc.) you can use the scrapbook feature to paste it.

With Scrapbook for Office Mac you can do the following actions:

  • Filter Clips.
  • Organize clips under categories or keywords.
  • Preview the clips.
  • Rename clips.
  • Delete clips.
  • Open the original source.
  • View or get information.

Definitely, using scrapbook feature in Mac can help to speed up the presentation design process.