Presenting with Power Point and practising before any presentation

Effective presenting with PowerPoint is possible. Presenting in PowerPoint not only involves creating a good PowerPoint presentation but also reaching your audience with a good speech previously prepared and why not, also practised several times. Some people think that practising is a waste of time, but even if you are the great presenter practising may help you to achieve a better timing and realize new things or ideas that if not then you will miss. For example, some presentations should be strictly follow a specific timing, let’s say 20 minutes or so. In that time you need to introduce yourself or the topic that is involved, talk about the content and develop it and then finally close the presentation. Also there may be a space for questions and answers.

The advantage on practising your presentation in PowerPoint will definitely sum positively to the general results and perception from the audience. Presenting with PowerPoint after practising several times may help you to avoid some general mistakes that the best presenter can also incur.

Practising, practising and practising

You can’t practice any gesture, behaviour or speech before any presentation and maybe it is not also recommended to practice everything since some behaviours during your presentation will be made naturally, and that’s ok. You don’t want to force your gestures or make your behaviours look artificial or like these were memorized. But practising will definitely help to avoid some dummy mistakes like leaving blank slides, forgetting to remove some unused paragraphs or images, forgetting to pass to the next slide or getting back to a previous slide to comment about something we missed. There are many other common mistakes in PowerPoint presentations that you can avoid, of course, by practising. In the medical industry for example, doctors may be tempted to use templates like brain PowerPoint templates that are quite impressive for the audience.

Also, the good way about practising after creating your PowerPoint presentation is that you can start feeling the presentation as the audience will feel. For example, you may see that the look in the room is not comfortable enough to see some images or bullet points, but also that the animations and transitions are overwhelming the presentation.

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