Dark templates, borders and frames for PowerPoint

It is not common to see templates over a dark templates for PowerPoint and background or moreover to make presentations with black background colors or dark effects. However, there are companies and individuals who often need to use dark images or dark backgrounds for their presentations. One possible reason could be raised by the company colors or logo design, but also with the field where the products are.

At Free PowerPoint templates we created many black themes for PowerPoint that you can use freely for any presentation. Not all the designs are applicable for any presentation but browsing the gallery may help creating dark PowerPoints for your next presentations.

Let’s see some examples here.

Background PowerPoint Black

This template has been created for those looking for a neat dark background with a white border. You can use this template for any general purpose presentation.

Winners PowerPoint Template

This is a template for Winners in PowerPoint using a dark background with some interesting effect.

Lighting Effect PowerPoint template

Instead, if you are looking for animated PowerPoint templates you can use many other free templates around, including those with dark effects, but in this case we’ll recommend another black themed PowerPoint design light lighting effect PowerPoint template.

There are many other templates with black background, for a complete list of dark themed templates you can check this list of Black Theme PowerPoint templates. And remember you can always look for the best theme that fits into your PowerPoint template by searching in our category list, by tags or colors.

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