Learn the art of presenting a presentation using methods employed by expert presenters. From productivity enhancing PowerPoint add-ins to basic presentation tips; in this section you will find posts about presentation tips and tricks that can help you make the most out of your slide decks.

Also see our posts about making Interactive Presentations and PowerPoint add-ins.

pptPlex for interactive PowerPoint presentations

pptPlex is an addin available for Office 2007 only that makes possible to create interactive PowerPoint presentations with a new style. Then addin can be downloaded free and after installing the addin you will see a new way to organize your presentations. You can group and associate slides together. Then you can apply animations like …

Presenting with Power Point and practising before any presentation

Effective presenting with PowerPoint is possible. Presenting in PowerPoint not only involves creating a good PowerPoint presentation but also reaching your audience with a good speech previously prepared and why not, also practised several times. Some people think that practising is a waste of time, but even if you are the great presenter practising may help …