PowerPoint Do’s and Don’ts

There are a large list of things that will make your presentation worse or better. Here, we can recommend some tips to improve your work. Remember that having who knows more than you about PowerPoint by your side it’s always a good decision!

PowerPoint Don’ts:

  • Don’t add innecesary text, or very long phrases.
  • Don’t add very difficult graphics, bars or tables.
  • Don’t just read the slides. Try to write smaller texts, and explain concepts with your own words.
  • Don’t use too bright colours or letters: It can damage eyes, and gives the feeling of a not worked and serious PowerPoint presentation.
  • Don’t add too much effects: They can turn a good presentation into a very boring and weird slide show.

PowerPoint Do’s:

  • Include images about the topics you’re going to talk to, instead of lots of text. That will make you presentation more entertaining, or even funny.
  • Use WordArt for titles.
  • Explain and talk about the things you’re going to present. Don’t just limit to what’s written on the screen.
  • Use different background colours: Never use white screens, or your presentation will be too simple.
  • Always save work instead of waiting for Autosave. Remember to check you work everytime you include something new in your presentation by pressing F5.

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