Turn your PowerPoint presentation into a video

It is possible to turn your PowerPoint presentation into a video by using Microsoft PowerPoint 2010. If you need to upload your work to Facebook or Youtube, or you just want to use your presentations in a computer that doesn’t use Microsoft Office, you can save your slide show as a video and even record your own voice.

This doesn’t only include the normal slides: You can add efects, transitions and control the size and quality of the video you’re going to create. Once you’ve created your presentation, save it and on the File menu, click ”Save and Send”. Then, select ”Create a Video”.

The ”Computer and HD Displays” down arrow will let you choose what type of video you want. For example, if you want a very high quality video, select ”Computer and HD Displays” option, and if you want to play your presentation in a small display, like a mobile phone, choose ”Portable Devices”.

You can choose if you want to use effects and transitions as in the normal PowerPoint presentation.

powerpoint to video

Remember that stuff like Youtube or Quicktime videos will not appear in the video, and this option is only included in the last PowerPoint versions, such as 2010 version.

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