Planboard: Web App For Teachers To Create And Manage Lesson Plans

Conventional lesson planners have become obsolete as there are just too many things to track. It can not only be hard to manage plans but there is also lack of flexibility. For example, the last thing any teacher wants is to forget a lesson plan at home and try to figure out what his/her schedule is for the rest of the day. Planboard is a web app for teachers to help them create, manage and even share lesson plans; with online collaboration options.

The Ultimate Planboard For Teachers

With Planboard teachers can create schedules for their classes, track curriculum standards, share their lesson plans and collaborate with colleagues. You can begin using Planboard by either signing up with your official email address (assigned by your institute) or via Facebook or Google Plus.


Create Comprehensive Lesson Plans in 3 Easy Steps

Planboard has three easy steps to help you setup your lessons. In step one you can create your class schedule. When making class schedules you can add lesson names and assign a color for them.

Create Comprehensive Lesson Plans in 3 Easy Steps

Create And Drag Lessons To Make Your Schedule

After lessons have been created, drag each lesson to the weekly schedule given below. Assigning different colors to lessons can help you grasp your weekly schedule at a glance.

Create And Drag Lessons To Your Schedule

In the next step you will be shown a preview of your schedule after which you can pick a name and duration for your semester.

Plan Semester

Creating Lesson Plans With Planboard (Video Demonstration)

You can see the entire planning process mentioned above from the developer’s video given below.

Connect With Teachers, Download Lessons And Collaborate Online

The given options in your Planboard account also allow you to:

  • Choose between useful lesson plan templates
  • Plan your daily schedule
  • Search and integrate standards (official standards and curriculum and custom standards which may have been made by other teachers)
  • Connect with other users (follow, collaborate and download lessons)

Connect With Teachers And Collaborate

To begin making your lesson and semester plans online try Planboard today!

Go to Planboard

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