Overcoming Presentation Barriers

Presentation in today’s era seems to be a simple task for we have so many means to rely on; PowerPoint Presentations being one of the most popular options. But there still remain many factors that hinder the delivery of an impressive presentation, one that could be considered to have been pitched perfectly!

overcoming presentation barriers

So let us take a look at the three most commonly encountered presentation barriers and the best solutions to those problems.

The First Barrier

The first barrier is that stirring feeling that we all identify with. You got it right; it is indeed nervousness along with lack of confidence! It is human tendency to give in to nervousness too easily. It is obvious to be nervous if we know very little of the topic but then we are also nervous when we know too much and may not be confident of explaining the concept in a concise manner, we also feel the same having to speak before strangers and out of many other reasons.

The solution lies in the problem itself. It is most important to be thorough with your concept and be prepared in advanced with exact explanations. Stage fright is normal but once you start speaking what you have prepared, the confidence will come to you automatically!

The Second Barrier

The second barrier is the presenter’s gestures. These do not include all gestures but those that may leave the audience perplexed, gestures such as unnecessary use of hand and arms, a low energy body language, not maintaining eyes etc.

The solution to this is to be careful not to excessive movements and assure that your body posture is attentive to the audience so that you come across as a confident speaker who knows what he is saying!

The Third Barrier

The third barrier is over dependence on the PowerPoint Presentation. Yes, it is an appealing means to support your content but what you speak should also be said with impact, not leaving everything to be read and seen by the audience on the slides.

The solution is to create a visual presentation that is appealing but not over stuffed with written information and more than one or maximum two visual effects or animations. Remember an overdone visual presentation can become a distraction to the audience that proving to be an aid. The other thing to follow is to explain the bullet content on the slides in a comprehensive and an engaging way.

Tackle these three most encountered presentation barriers with the above stated solutions and you will never go wrong in impressing the audience to keep them engaged till the very end!

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