How To Choose A Topic For A Persuasive Speech

When it comes to presenting a persuasive speech and writing a persuasive speech, there’s a big difference between the two. That’s because just like everything on this planet, planning is much more difficult than execution.

But even before the planning phase for a persuasive speech, comes the part where you have to choose a topic for it! And that is the difficult part! A persuasive speech is not easy to deliver and that’s mainly because you have to talk about things that might be a little uncomfortable for a lot of folks to digest. Plus, you might have to even convince your audience about what you are talking about.

how to choose a topic for a persuasive speech

So how should you choose a topic for a persuasive speech?

Since quite a lot of persuasive speech topics might seem controversial to a number of people, it would be better to spend some time sifting through a list of topics and ideas for a persuasive speech. Topics for a persuasive speech can range from Marijuana Legalization to Sex Education in School. So that means you need to be sure before you pick out the topic!

And to be sure about a topic you need to know your audience! That’s because some topics could stir up quite a lot of emotions at some place, so it would be wise not to speak about them at all or speak diplomatically about it.

Another thing to be kept in mind for choosing a persuasive speech topic is that your audience should be able to develop a mental picture about what you speak. So that means choose an imaginative topic, something with which your audience can paint a mental picture.

The final thing that should be kept in mind is that you should choose a topic which can ‘slightly’ provoke your audience. And that’s ‘slightly’ with a lot of emphasis on it. That’s because there’s no need to offend anyone with your speech but slight provocation and stirring up some emotion is fine.

So the next time when you have been asked to deliver a persuasive speech, keep these tips in mind.

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