Methods for Converting PowerPoint Presentation into Video

PowerPoint is one of the most powerful tools often used by trainers, businessmen, students or lecturers commonly. It bears lots of functions and features to create interesting and dynamic slides presentation. This facility has made it accepted and utilized widely.

Methods for Converting PowerPoint Presentation into Video

And video is equally powerful and worthy for presentations because of its demonstration features, clearly depicting procedures and visual information like charts and graphs. Moreover, videos represent charisma of live animations and images, allow transparency which ultimately led to trust.

Benefits of creating PowerPoint presentation to video

  • Uploading blog to websites becomes quite easy.
  • Your presentation appears more vivid.
  • Converting your PowerPoint presentation to video makes it easy to upload your presentation on mobile devices.
  • You can view your presentation even in the absence of computer.

Generally, there are many ways to convert PowerPoint presentation to video, some are paid and some are free of cost. Here we are discussing few ways to covert PowerPoint presentation to video.

  1. Using Windows Movie Maker to create video of your PowerPoint presentation.
  2. Use and create video online
  3. Record your presentation by using some screen recorder like Camtasia.

Let’s discuss these in detail one by one:

1. Using windows Movie Maker to create video of your PowerPoint presentation.

If you have Window Vista or Window XP, it’s comes installed on your system or if your system don’t have this program download it from and if your presentation have pictures, Movie Maker is the best option.

Now, follow these steps:

  1. You must save your presentation in JPG or PNG Format. Click on ‘MS office tab’ near to save icon, select ‘Save as’, choose ‘other formats’ and then select JPG or PNG format.
  2. Import pictures to Window Movie Maker you want to add.
  3. Select all the images you want to insert and add them to story board.
  4. To make your video livelier, add video effects to your slide.
  5. Save slide show in the form of movie file.

2. Use and create video online

This is one of the most popular website for sharing presentation and an alternative to, here you can upload your presentation and then convert it to video. On completion of conversion process download it on your computer. However, it is an easiest way but it has limitations i.e. unable to add sounds and animations in your PowerPoint presentation.

3. Record your presentation by using some screen recorder like Camtasia

In this method you need to download and install Camtasia on your computer. And then,

  1. Save your original PPT files as PPS files
  2. Set up Camtasia to record data
  3. To start recording play PPS file and hit ‘F9’ .
  4. To stop recording, press ‘F1’ and save captured slide show by entering a file name.
  5. Save captured video in AVI format.


To retain dynamic elements in your presentation, converting PPT to video is a best option for which Movie Maker and, AuthorStream or SlideOnline are popular choices but you will feel restricted if you want to add images. Thus, people prefer to choose Camtasia, a paid software, costs $299.95. But there may exist other effective ways and online tools to convert PowerPoint PPT presentations to video.

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