Online Collaboration with Podio

Technology is advancing at a quick speed. Each day marks an introduction of a fresh tool helping in simplifying tasks of humanity. Discover a smarter way to collaborate with different teams working within an organization through Podio, a new tool developed for effortless online collaboration.

It was developed by Jon Froda and Andres Pollas with the help of Andreas Haugstrup Pedersen, founding developer in the early months of 2009. Presently, customer base of this online collaboration tool is increasing at a rapid pace. It is being widely adopted by numerous companies and organizations established around the globe.

Are you fed-up of the cumbersome and inefficient method of putting together information with the help of traditional email service? It’s time to switch to Podio, an effective tool for beating emails and spreadsheets for project collaboration.

Usability of Podio

You don’t need to be technically strong for structuring an assignment in a Podio. Just go to the app center, pick a suitable app from over 45,000 currently available apps capable of fulfilling your requirements.

Project Management Tool is customizable

Every project has its own specific requirements differing from the other. Therefore it is essential to customize your project management tool. It also enables users to re-structure their project management apps according to their current requirements.

Align your expectations

Minimize the risk of missing your target by using online project collaboration tool. At times, delivering presentations to your client can be cumbersome in addition of being costly and time consuming as well. You first need to create a presentation, mail it to the client and wait for a feedback. Moreover, if the client is not satisfied with the work, you need to start it again from the scratch making it an overwhelming task. Further, by including Podio, you will remain connected with the client so that you can align your work according to their requirements.

Reduced Work Complexity

This strongly built project management tool aims at reducing work complexity as you can now work with your co-workers in a separate workspace. Stay coordinated! You can also obtain a free employee network allowing all the authorized company employees to communicate with each other.

Podio is Mobile

Apps chosen or created by you can be easily configured on your mobile and is therefore beneficial for everyone using this tool as they can access all the information while sitting at any corner around the world. Moreover, it enables them to stay connected with their job.

More importantly, Podio provides you with an opportunity to control and structure your projects, team and even workflows by creating unique workspaces.

So are you ready to move out from this email era? Try installing a Podio app. Structure your business according to your requirements and stay connected.