Maze PowerPoint Templates using Shapes

Creating a Maze can be helpful to explain how to find solutions to common or complex problems. In some presentations we may want to present an idea to solve a problem with different approaches.

The terms maze and labyrinth are synonymous. Sometimes, the term labyrinth is used for unicursal patterns with a single unbranching path leading to the center, and maze for branching, multi-cursal patterns with dead-ends or alternative routes that may be taken.

Examples of maze designs can be found around the internet, for example this maze image with transparency that you can view in Wikipedia.

Maze image

If you need to make maze backgrounds for PowerPoint then you can use the free form tool to draw a shape. You can start drawing a free form shape and then apply line styles. For this example you can use a Miter join type instead of round join type, and then make sure the cap type is set to Square. You can change the compound type but not the dash type. Change the line width to 10pt.

Maze powerpoint template

Of course this example doesn’t look like a real maze, but now you can right click and edit points.

Maze background

In this previous example you can see that we have used a corner point instead of straight point or smooth point. This is important if you want to design straight-line labyrinths. Now you can start adding more lines and of course leave a space on the other side in order to have solution. This maze design template can also be used for presentations on Maze solving algorithm.

Animated Maze PowerPoint Templates from PresenterMedia

In PowerPoint you can create a simple 2D maze design using shapes and the previous approach but ff you need more complex mazes or animated maze PowerPoint templates, then you can rely on premium PowerPoint templates. For example, the team of PowerPoint experts from PresenterMedia have created a great collection of maze templates that you can use in your presentations. The collection includes 3D maze cliparts and PowerPoint figures but also complete 3D animated maze PowerPoint templates.

3d maze

Additionally you can also embed maze cliparts and maze template designs, here is an example after inserting a simple 3D maze in the PowerPoint slide:

maze ppt