oneDrum was acquired by Yummer for online PowerPoint collaboration

oneDrum is a free, lightweight desktop application that can turn any application into a rich, collaborative environment and allows users to collaborating in Microsoft Office documents.

oneDrum enables you to simultaneous edit Office documents including PowerPoint files, Excel and Word, enabling a multi-author document creation and editing. This is a great alternative for online collaboration and effective communication in a virtual team, coordination and control of change.

oneDrum is secure and has a synchronised file sharing with version management. It is in private beta and is being developed by a team of experienced software engineers based in Stirling, Scotland.

Recently, TechCrunch announced that Yammer spent $85 million in new funding. Financial terms of the acquisition were not disclosed, but Yammer founder and CEO David Sacks jokingly said in an interview today it was less than Instagram’s $1 billion acquisition by Facebook earlier this week. All of OneDrum’s employees will join Yammer, with CEO Jasper Westaway leading the integration of the two products.