Software to enhance PowerPoint Presentations

Enhancing PowerPoint presentations is a must in some business situations when we need to close an important deal with a client or perform a great business presentation. Hopefully we can take advance of software packages that automatically enhance our presentations. VisualBee for example is an example. This software will enhance your PowerPoint presentations with a few clicks.

What are the benefits of using VisualBee?

VisualBee let’s you enhance your presentations with an addin for PowerPoint that will grab your current PowerPoint presentation with no styles and suggest different themes and effects to automatically enhance your slides. Using the free PowerPoint addin VisualBee lets you enhance PowerPoint presentations easily. VisualBee provides automated design of your PowerPoint presentations with hundreds of professional original, attractive designs and wide range of backgrounds & layouts.

The free version lets you design up to 10 slides, useful for many different situations, but there is also a paid subscription that let you design more slides for every new PowerPoint presentation file and remove the VisualBee logo from the final slides. This also offer automatic insertion of images carefully coordinated with the subject of each slide and is a good way to enhance PowerPoint presentations.