MS Access and PowerPoint

Sending data from MS Access database to Microsoft Office PowerPoint slides is possible and that is exactly what Tim Getch did in this post,  here you can learn how to transfer data from a Microsoft Office Access database into a PowerPoint presentation.

The immediate answer is that you can’t export data directly from Access to PowerPoint however you can automate the task to fit your needs and write VBA code to process this task.

MS Access and PowerPoint

In the article we can learn two different ways of interacting between Access and PowerPoint.

The first example will show you how to create a PowerPoint presentation from the data inside a MS Access table using Automation.

The second approach shows how to display and manipulate an existing PowerPoint presentation inside of a MS Access form, also using Automation.

Automation gives you the ability to control one application from another by manipulating the controlled application’s exposed properties and methods, and responding to events.

You can learn about this approach in the original article here but also in Database Lessons in another article here that explains how to send data from MS Access to PowerPoint.

What if I need to import data from SQL to PowerPoint?

Later you might be tempted to migrate data from other DBMS like MySQL or Oracle to PowerPoint presentations. To accomplish this we can use other free and commercial tools that helps to run SQL queries and import the data into PowerPoint, ODBC is also a good alternative to import data from database into PowerPoint to create charts or tables dynamically.