How to Make a Cohort Analysis Chart in PowerPoint

Cohort Analysis it’s a time-tested segmentation technique used to understand user behavior and recently adopted by authors of Customer Development and Lean Startup methodologies. In Running Lean and Lean Analytics books there are mentions to cohort analysis since this segmentation technique can help entrepreneurs to understand the behavior of early adopters of your product or startup …

Polychart: Create Awesome Charts For PowerPoint Using Your Own Data


Data visualization tools are one of the most effective ways of conveying long and otherwise daunting information to your audience. Charts and graphs are common ways of displaying information and unlike text and figures, they do not scare the audience.

ILIAS: Comprehensive Free Learning Management System For Universities

ILIAS is an open source Integrated Learning management system for web based learning. It is ideal for Universities as it offers many features that can help educational institutes to support e-learning, online collaboration, evaluation and assessment for students. It is one of the earliest LMS that was used by universities and has been in development …