Conduct Free Video Conferences With File And Screen Sharing

There are a large number of tools that can be used for conducting web conferences and sharing your screen but most of them require the installation of a resource intensive app like TeamViewer. However, you can use free video conferencing services to conduct disposable video conferences. is a web service which can be used for conducting video conferences with file and screen sharing utility and that too without the need for any kind of sign up or software installation.

How To Setup A Meeting Session With

Get A Meeting Room

One of the biggest utilities of using is the ability to instantly start a video conference with multiple users without the need for any type of account. Just go to and click Get a Meeting Room.

Share Your Meeting Room URL

In the next step you will be provided with a URL which can be shared with other users (e.g. by SMS, Email, Facebook or by sending an instant message) to invite them to the meeting.

Share Your Meeting Room URL

Allow Access To Mic And Webcam

You will require allowing access to your mic and webcam to begin a video and voice chat. supports group chat between multiple users and requires no additional software installation of any kind; however, you may need flash for some features.

Allow Access To Mic And Webcam

Conduct Video Conferences Without Sign Up Or Make An Account To Schedule Meetings

The above mentioned process requires no sign up and can be used for conducting instant, disposable live meetings online. However, you can also sign up for an account to acquire additional benefits such as to use the meeting inbox, schedule and manage your meetings, to synchronize your contacts via Gmail, Outlook and iCal and to store meeting history.

Conduct Video Conferences Without Sign Up

Share Your Screen, Make Notes And Share Files

Other than the ability to conduct video chats, you can also use to take notes during video conferences using the Note Pad and even share your screen for better online collaboration.

Share Your Screen, Make Notes And Share Files

Similarly, you can share files like PowerPoint Presentations, MS Word Documents, Excel Spreadsheets, PDF Files, images, etc.

Share Files During Meetings Online serves as a more flexible platform than other web conferencing tools and services, as it not only offers the utility to conduct conferences with a wide array of features but also requires no software installation and optionally, no sign up.

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