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Last updated on November 17th, 2023

Despite digital technology where individuals as well as businesses are all dependent on social media, nothing can still beat the marketing conversion that brochures bring for a company. Brochures still play a crucial role in marketing directly to its potential customers and advertising the company and how it benefits the public.

Professional, Attractively Laid Out Digital Brochure Maker

Digital Brochure Maker Template for Microsoft Word Online

The Digital Brochure Maker for Word Online is a beautifully designed Office Online Template that you can use for your restaurants, whether as a traditional or a digital brochure. The template is laid out to look professional, clean, sleek and very attractive.

This template is designed for restaurants or any business in the food or food service industry. The template fits a single page where all the details about your company are included, with enough space for photos of different sizes to attract customers. The template also has one cohesive theme and design, so that once you make your own brochure, it would look professionally done.

Attract Customers with Your Special Offers and Promos

Easily Customize Template by Adding Text and Images

This Digital Brochure Maker allows you to put your company name at the top of the brochure, with your tagline just under your company name. Instead of the image of a plate and spoon and fork, you can change it to your own logo. Even if the sample images are for restaurants, you can still use this if your company is in any other industry that does not involve food. The template is very universal that it can be used by any company, whether you provide a product or service.

Like many brochure templates, this digital brochure makes allows you to display details about your company, so the readers can see what your company has to offer. The brochure also highlights any sales, promotions, or special offer that you have in store for your clients. The layout easily highlights the sale price to further attract customers.

Get People Talking About Your Product or Service

This brochure template allows you to further indicate any benefits for your customers, or special features that your product or service may have that sets it apart from competitors. This brochure also contains contact information such as phone numbers, email, and website.

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