Lucidchart: Create Diagrams and Flowcharts for Presentations

Last updated on August 1st, 2023

Previously we covered Gliffy, which is a platform for creating a wide range of diagrams and models. While Gliffy is a paid service there are also a number of similar web services that offer free versions. Lucidchart is an online platform for creating powerful diagrams and flowcharts that can be used for creating presentations and for visual communication with your audience. It has a free and a number of paid packages that provide rich features for creating mockups, wireframes, importing MS Visio files, mind mapping, etc. Lucid Chart also provides online collaboration options so that you can conveniently interact with others users when creating your diagrams. Moreover, you can later use these diagrams and charts in PowerPoint .PPT files to enhance the presentations.

To get started, sign up for a Lucidchart account or login with a Google or Yahoo account. Once done, you can begin creating new charts or import a Visio file via the Import option.

lucid chart

After clicking the Create button you are given the option to either create a new document or folder (for organizing content). The former displays a number of templates for creating a diagram. The available templates provide options to create Wireframes, iOS Mockups, Mind Maps, UML/ERD, Organizational Charts, as well as Network, Business Analysis and Venn Diagrams.
charts for powerpoint

When creating diagrams you can drag and drop items and click objects to enter text. The available tools allow users to insert graphics, text and images, adjust text format and page settings. The left sidebar provides users with Containers, Shapes and the option to upload images.


After your diagram is complete you can share it across Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus or generate a link to share your project with others. You can also use the Email option to share your diagram via email.

To find out more about how to use Lucid Chart, check out the below video.

The free version of Lucid Chart provides 25MB of free space, collaboration with 2 users and enables using 60 objects per diagram. Whereas, the paid versions provide extra features and cost $3.33 per month (Basic Version), $8.33 per month (Pro version) and $21 per month (Team version). The basic version of Lucid chart provides the additional option to create Mind Maps and backup items on your device. Similarly, the Pro and team versions provide many handy options such as collaboration with unlimited number of users, revision history, more storage space, etc.

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