JustCloud: Unlimited Cloud Backup With Bank Grade Security

Chances are you have used at least one cloud storage service to backup your files online. It is also quite likely that the service you used was either Dropbox, SugarSync, SkyDrive, Google Drive or Box. While these services offer the required features to fulfill basic backup needs, there are many question marks and strings that come attached.

The Problem With Conventional Cloud Storage Services

For example, Dropbox has had several technical issues which made user data vulnerable, whereas, services like SkyDrive and Google Drive are tied to services offered by Microsoft and Google; which can reduce the flexibility of your cloud storage account. Another downside of using such services is the heavy price charged for upgrading for more space; which can cost you a fortune. Furthermore, the devices with which you can sync your data are often quite limited. These issues however, can be resolved by using a cloud based service known as JustCloud.

JustCloud Cloud Storage

How JustCloud Goes A Step Further Than Other Services?

While the basic use of JustCloud is pretty similar to most cloud based services; i.e. you can download an app for your desktop computer or mobile device and sync files across them, however that’s not all. Just Cloud brings bank grade encryption, ‘arguably’ cheaper packages and support for anything from a Windows, Mac or Linux computer to an Android, iOS and even a BlackBerry device, with an app also available at the Windows Store for Windows 8.1.

JustCloud  Features

Backup Files, Open Documents, Stream Videos And Music

JustCloud cloud supports file backup for various types of documents and even allows you to stream music, watch videos, open office documents, PowerPoint presentations and view photos from a single app. Just sign up for JustCloud, download the app for your device and login to get started.

Backup Files, Open Documents, Stream Video And Music

Backup Folders And Hard Drive Volumes

With JustCloud you can not only backup specific folders but even complete volumes. This provides the benefit of being able to securely backup entire drives online to make sure that your data travels with you.

JustCloud Backup

Unlimited File Versioning, Backup Schedules And More

While file versioning is provided by many cloud based services, the file versions saved are usually less than a dozen. JustCloud on the contrary provides unlimited file versioning, and advanced options for scheduling your backups, power management options, volume shadow copy (such as for backup of open documents) and integration with Windows Explorer.

Unlimited File Versioning, Backup Schedules And More

Supported Devices

JustCloud supports Windows based operating systems, including Windows XP/Vista/7 and 8, Mac, Linux (including Ubuntu), iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch Android and Blackberry.

JustCloud For Android

What You Might Not Like About JustCloud

While JustCloud offers many useful features there are some aspects that you might not like about this service. First off, the only free version is a 14-day trial, which means that while you can try out the service for free; there is no permanent free version. Furthermore, many users find the pop-ups quite annoying which prompt upgrades for additional features.

What You Might Not Like About JustCloud

To find out if JustCloud is the right backup solution for you or your business. try the 14-day trial. You can also become a Reseller via the JustCloud Reseller Programme.

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