How To Give A Wonderful Farewell Speech On A Colleague’s Retirement

A person’s professional career includes many different phases. He starts as a trainee and then progresses to successive levels by earning great respect. This is that time period which gives him those everlasting memories like lunch time laughter, serious business discussions, meeting deadlines by working till the wee hours, arguments with boss and so on.  All these moments flash like a collage of different aspects of his work life on his retirement day.

Retirement is that bittersweet end of a professional life which is incomplete without a speech.  It is a moment where you are both happy and sad about the retiree.  So, in order to make this occasion special, an excellently delivered  retirement speech can do wonders.

How To Prepare A Wonderful Retirement Speech

Generally, a retirement party is considered to be dull and boring but a well prepared speech has the power to change the mood of this unexciting event. Now, How to prepare a wonderful retirement speech that can make this get together worth remembering? Well, with the help of these below discussed rules you can make this occasion a memorable one.

  • Tell as much as you can about your associate. Show him to the public; describe his career and his contribution for the organization.
  • Share his human side as well as his professional persona with the audience.

Following these two rules while writing a speech will greatly impress the retiree as well as your audience and structuring it properly will enable you to witness great results. Take a glance at some of the key requirements for an impressive leaving speech:

  • Chronologically list the milestones, accomplishments and contributions of the retiree.
  • Discuss about his professional life and what he would be doing after leaving the company in a proper and effective manner. You need to do a thorough research for this purpose so plan and write accordingly.
  • Tell the retired person that he will be really missed and it was really great working with him. Include some interesting instances from his professional life to make the event enjoyable and memorable.
  • You can formulate your speech on how life would be without this person and what all changes the organization will come across after he has left.
  • After this, you can give a short closing and thanking speech for all those who came to attend the event and for the ones who helped you in preparing this amazing speech.

So, prepare your speech in such a way that it marks the new start for the retiree and make him feel really special.

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