Is The iPhone 6 Too Slim For Its Own Good?

How would you react if I tell you that the new and amazing iPhone 6 can bend, like physically bend without breaking? I know you would be all praise for Apple and the Apple fanatic inside you would be jumping with joy and singing the ‘Apple is the best’ song.

Let me explain this entire bend story in a better manner. Yes the new iPhone 6 is gorgeous and it is superbly designed. It not only takes the slimmest phone race to the next level (by being just 6.9mm thick), it gives the apple lovers another product to boast about. But let’s take a closer look.

iPhone 6 bending issue

Everything about the phone is great, the design the materials the configuration and everything else but wait till you sit for a long duration with your phone in your trouser pocket that is just faintly tight. The phone will bend, it would continue to be functional but in the bent state.

The sole reason for this peculiar property is the fact that the iPhone 6 is too slim for its own good. With a screen size of 4.7 inches and thickness of just 6.9 mm the structural stability of the phone is haywire. The phone is too large as compared to the thickness and thus bends as soon as a sufficient pressure is applied on the phone.

It would not have been an issue if the phone would have just been just as easy to bend back to normal. But the problem here is that the moment you try and bend it back the screen would crack. Now you wouldn’t want that to happen would you? But you can’t keep on using the phone in the bent state.

As a user you would be in a fix and this is just because in all probability Apple released the phones in a hurry and did not test them properly. Well if you want to buy the phone then just be careful you don’t end up with a boomerang of a phone.

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