Interactive PowerPoint Templates For Educators

Drop down menu and simple menu templates are great for enhancing your PowerPoint presentations in your classroom. Most PowerPoint presentations in classrooms tend to be boring and static. An alternative is to use interactive PowerPoint templates for educators by SlideNavigator.

slide navigator templates

These templates provided by SlideNavigator allow the educator to present in a non-linear and linear fashion, depending on the needs of the students. In addition to the templates being interactive, they are engaging and uniquely designed. They are beneficial to educators, as well as students.

Benefits to Educators

Educators can benefit from SlideNavigator templates in a number of ways. Some of the benfits for educators are listed below.

  • Educators can easily and quickly go back and reference a slide covering a topic from the previous slides.
  • No need to search the entire PowerPoint presentation to find a particular slide.
  • If pressed for time, the presenter can skip slides to more relevant material.
  • Ability to present topics within a presentation in any order desired.
  • Increased interactivity with students.
  • Increased spontaneity.

all slides linked in a menu

Benefits to Students

SlideNavigator’s interactive slides also provide a number of benefits for students. Some of the benefits you might want for your students include the following:

  • Decreased passivity from students during presentations.
  • Easier to study and review large PowerPoint presentations before exams and quizzes.
  • The menu is an outline that shows them what is contained in the PowerPoint presentation
  • Students can see an overview of topics included in the PowerPoint without searching the entire PowerPoint presentation.

There are templates that are thematically designed to match the specific subject you teach whether that is science, English, social studies, social science, or any other subject. These templates are useful for higher education, high, middle, and elementary school educators.

Example of Simple Menu Template

Here is an example of a simple menu template that is both colorful and easy to navigate. This template is quite suitable for younger children, such as primary school students.

interactive slide menu

Example of Drop Down Menu Templates

There are also slide decks for more mature students, including ones suitable for science subjects, business, finance, literature, etc. Each one of these templates contain animations.

You can add your own text to customize the sample slide designs and make use of the animated layouts without spending too much time on your slides. This is because the animations are pre-configured and will work with your added content.

heart template design with menu

You can download a wide range of interactive presentation templates at SlideNavigator and begin making your interactive presentations in no time.

Learn more visiting the Slide Navigator website or using the link below.

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