Interactive Connection Map PowerPoint Template

Interactive Connection Map PowerPoint Template is an animated template with connectivity being the central theme. Be it email, social media, financial markets, business or computer networks, the template covers everything. With its generic, yet well crafted layouts, you can use this template for a number of presentation topics.

Interactive Slides with Clickable Icons

The interactive connection maps given in this template provide editable clipart and space for adding relevant information about your topic. The slides are interactive, and you can jump between slides from the title slide. This slide contains links to other slides in the form of icons. Clicking these icons leads you to the specific slide.

interactive connection map powerpoint template

Flawlessly Move Between Slides

You can go back to the main slide by clicking the Home icon at the bottom of content slides. This can enable you to go back and forth slides by simply going to the Home slide and clicking a link to another slide. This way, you can easily switch between slides using interactive menus instead of rolling through them to move back and forth slides.

move between slides

Using interactive slides can save you time, as well as make your slides look professional. This is a much better approach than sifting through slides to look for an old one once someone from the audience asks a question. In such a case finding the old slide can be difficult, not to mention embarrassing. Since your momentum as a presenter can be affected due to a random question about a topic you need to go back to.

interactive connection themed slides

Using this interactive template, you can avoid that by simply finding the slide after going to the main slide via the Home button. There are 14 sample slides for you to choose from. These provide everything you might need for making an interesting slide deck, with data, trends, infographics and an emphasis on connectivity and connections.

interactive slide with guage

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